The Mexican Canadian music label Infinite Machine has graciously given XLR8R access to a one-of-a-kind collaboartion between the powerhouse duo Modeselektorand the fresh, talented and emotive producer, Born In Flamez.

Born In Flamez is a “transhuman experiment” that shirks “notions of identity” and “subverts gender and genre” while Modeselektor is a hardcore and well-established electronic act that operates Monkeytown Records and previously oversaw the recently deceased label, 50Weapons. Born in Flamez debuted with a single ‘Time Hurtz’ on Modeselektor’s Modeselektion Vol. 3 compilation in July 2014 and they have now come together to collaborate on a new free single titled “TBF,” which is being offered up today as an XLR8R download. According to the track’s creators, they paired up “by chance in a dark corridor…united by sound.” Together they improvised TBF standing in a kitchen surrounded by a pile of dirty dishes and East German architecture.

The result of this improvisation is a ticking and affectional ballad that features BIF’s shivery vocals and rising chords that lead into shaded, low end synth progressions and gentle, blinking atmospherics.

You can download the track “TBF” via WeTransfer below.