Last month, we shared news of the impending return of KILN (the longstanding but seldomly releasing trio of Kevin Hayes, Kirk Marrison, and Clark Rehberg III) to Ghostly with a download of album cut “Star.field.” Now, before KILN’s meadow:watt drops on November 12, we’re treated to another selection from the upcoming effort in “Boro.” Like “Star.field,” “Boro” is a hyper-detailed piece of electro-acoustic production, its flute-like melodies and static-infused drums playfully existing between real-world audio and computer manipulation. Though the real treat comes right before the four-minute mark, when the unassuming, aimlessly floating melodies of the song’s first half flip into an almost Prefuse 73-like procession of reversed chords, psychedelic-tinged textures, and light, jazz-infused boom-bap. It’s a nice transformation, and one that has us continuing to wonder exactly what else to expect on KILN’s meadow:watt when it drops next month.