Hailing from Switzerland, adventurous producer and visual artist Benjamin Kilchhofer (a.k.a. Timoka) is set to deliver his second outing for the fledgling Holger imprint later this month. Serving as our first taste is “Borogoves,” a collage-like track that threads together off-kilter bell melodies, reversed chords, and a series of unconventional vocal chops, underneath which clunking percussion and a steady kick help give the track its rhythmic cohesion. “Borogoves” will be joined by 10 other such electronic assemblages on September 22 when Timoka’s Tulgey mini-LP drops via Holger, a label for which Kilchhofer also (together with type designer Reymund Schröder) serves as the resident cover designer. In the meantime, a grainy preview video for Timoka’s upcoming record can be watched after the jump.