This tune is so busy it’s almost as though Monolithium dropped every drum, synth, and trick up his sleeve into it. “Bounce 4 Life” starts out with innocent enough intentions, with a vocal sample shifting pitches alongside polyrhythms and electronic notes. However, the song quickly begins to recall the Fantasia soundtrack. The Canadian producer, like Mickey Mouse, when left to his own devices, has a little too much fun, and the sounds multiply uncontrollably as he empties buckets of synths, chopped vocal samples, and trap-like drum hits into the mix before the ending offers a bit of peace to the listeners. Bounce 4 Life—which features a collaboration with Prison Garde and well as remixes from Ryan Hemsworth, KingThing, and H-SIK—will drop on December 10 via Error Broadcast, but you can check out the artwork and tracklist, as well preview more of Monolithium’s EP, before then, after the jump.

01 Bounce 4 Life
02 Lancashire Hammer
03 Pavillionaire (feat. Prison Garde)
04 Spiral Face
05 Sleepy Beauty
06 Bounce 4 Life (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
07 Bounce 4 Life (KingThing Remix)
08 Bounce 4 Life (H-SIK Dub)

Bounce 4 Life