Sure, it’s a little strange that this Afrobeat-meets-Latin-rhythms style track is in fact a combination of efforts by artists hailing from LA (Rainbow Arabia, pictured above) and NYC (Atropolis). But who wants to waste time analyzing this seeming contradiction when the results are this irresistible? Not us, and apparently not the husband-and-wife duo of Rainbow Arabia, who are busy as ever with a slew of upcoming Japanese/European tour dates (which you can check after the jump) and a new 7″ single for “Boys and Diamonds” (from their recent LP of the same title) coming out on Kompakt this week, a record which will feature another reworking of the track from South Carolina resident Hard Mix.

Tour Dates:
August 27 Yokohama JP – WIRE Festival
September 03 Stradbally Hall IR – Electric Picnic
September 05 Cardiff UK – Buffalo Bar
September 06 London UK – The Shacklewell Arms
September 07 Brighton UK – The Hope
September 08 Amsterman NE – OCCII
September 09 Berlin DE – Berlin Festival
September 11 Isle of Wight UK – Bestival
September 12 LiĆ©ge BE – L’escalier
September 13 Tilburg NE – Incubate
September 14 Zurich CH – Hafenkneipe
September 15 Yverdon Les Bains CH – Amalgame
September 16 Metz FR – Zikamine
September 17 Ostende BE – Leffingeleuren Festival
September 18 Istanbul TK – Babylon

Boys and Diamonds (Atropolis remix)