Error Broadcast label-head Sven Swift has put together a free compilation of his favorite tunes within the genres of “instrumental hip-hop in the widest sense… bass music, as the kids say,” entitled Super Feelers (artwork above). Here, we have one of the comp’s stand-out cuts from Glasgow-based producer Soosh, who pins a touch of female crooning and icy pads beneath layers of warm low-end and pot-and-pan percussion on “Bramhall Waits.” Taken from the artist’s self-titled debut EP released earlier this year, “Bramhall Waits” is a fine piece of stony, reflective beat work, and one that sits well with the other eleven similarly head-nod-worthy tracks that make up the collection (including another XLR8R-featured MP3, Monlithium’s “I Want Your Love”). After giving Soosh’s contribution a listen below, you can head here to download Super Feelers in its entirety.

Bramhall Waits