As part of their Stay True Portugal project, Ballantine’s and Boiler Room brought together two of Lisbon’s most iconic producers, Branko (of Buraka Som Sistema) & Batida, to work on a unique collaboration. Despite the many years shaping and innovating the city’s distinctive sound on their own terms, this is the first time they’ve joined forces in the studio.

The end product is a homage to Lisbon: a collage of found-sounds and field recordings that the pair recorded over one day in their home city. It’s a soundtrack that captures the city in motion: classic Angolan drumming, the influence of which you can hear from every street corner; the whirring of the daily trams; passing voices; the jangling guitars that line the city’s squares. Taken all together, it’s a warm and colourful snapshot—and pops just as infectiously as anything you’ve heard from them before.

You can download “Eletrico 15” via the player below.