With a total of over 100 releases at the age of 32, Boris Brenecki is a  knowledgeable young producer. As Ontal and Impulse Controls (the first with Darko Kolar and the latter with Blush Response), Boris produces an apocalyptic fusion of industrial and techno, with releases on labels such as Mord, Noiztank, Amok Tapes, Ad Noiseam, Inner Surface Music, and more. Figure-Ground, Boris project with Alexander Church of Dronelock, is an experimental take on IDM and breakbeat. Boris Noiz, the currently defunct alias under which he released his first records on Yellow Machines and Combat Recordings, is known for twisted future hardcore rinse outs, orchestration, and dextrous edits in an off-beat techno, breakbeat, and electro setting. Finally, Lost in the Sound is Boris’ vision of old-school house. As Brenecki, he’s released a well-received EP on New York Trax—and up next is his Esoteric Body Music EP, scheduled for July 27 release via Natural Sciences. We’re told to expect a release that “moves between a range of electroid basement sounds including industrial, corroded EDM electro and classic New York beat tracks.”

In support of the release, you can download “Natural Formations” in full via the WeTransfer button below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions. 


01. Motivate Me 

02. Esoteric Body Music

03. Nocturnal

04. Natural Formations