The notoriously cranky Koushik might have a chip on his shoulder the size of a boulder, but he sure does make some wonderful music. For Out My Window, his forthcoming Stones Throw full-length, he merged the sounds of the 1960s with his trademark hazy hip-hop beats, a move that resulted in catchy tracks that are as listenable as they are danceable. This one features an arsenal of percussion and a horn section that starts out quietly and calculated, then escalates into musical mayhem at the end. Top it off with some Indian flavors in the last seconds of the track.

Out My Window
01 Morning Comes
02 Be With
03 Lying in the Sun
04 Coolin
05 Butterflybeat
06 See You
07 Nothing’s the Same
08 Welcome
09 Corner of Your Smile
10 In a Green Space
11 ifoundu
12 Outerlude
13 Bright and Shining
14 Forest Loop
15 Out My Window
16 Floating On

Koushik – Bright and Shining