NYC producers Francis Harris (a.k.a. Adultnapper) and Anthony Collins are set to release their debut LP together as Frank & Tony via the Scissor & Thread imprint on November 17. Leading up to its release, the pair’s nine-track You Go Girl LP will first be split across three vinyl EPs—titled You, Go, and Girl—with the series’ first EP having arrived last week. Appearing in its original form on that effort is “Bring the Sun,” a smoky, low-swung house track which features the band-passed vocals of one Gry Bagøien. Here, we have the track’s Dub version, which strips back Bagøien’s vocal contribution, further revealing the murky pads and smoldering textures which fill out the duo’s slow-motion house production. Before Frank & Tony Go and Girl EPs arrive in the coming weeks, both efforts can be previewed after the jump.

Bring the Sun (Dub)