Doctor Jeep passed along this edit of T2’s “Heartbroken” in hopes of sharing it for free with the XLR8R faithful—not because he doesn’t think it’s a valuable piece of work, but because any attempt to sell it would undoubtedly generate some major flack, thanks to his generous sampling of the aforementioned bassline hit. We were happy to oblige. To his credit, the Boston resident does an admirable job of flipping the super-charged jam into a slow, seductive slice of futuristic R&B, but his beat doesn’t fully take hold until we move past the pitched-down verse and lock into a shuffling groove about halfway through. On top of this, Doctor Jeep gradually unfurls a number of gorgeous melodies and tantalizingly tuned toms, keeping the whole affair swirling in plenty of what could be best described as, according to the producer himself, “lovey-dovey vibes.”

Broken Heart