It’s been awhile since the world has heard new music from Brooklyn duo Tanlines, most likely because Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm have been hard at work on their debut full-length, Mixed Emotions. While the album won’t see the light of day until March 20, Tanlines elected to let loose “Brothers” yesterday as a sort of preview. If the song is any indication, it appears that the band is moving deeper into pop territory, as the track’s wistful vocals have been placed front and center and are left to essentially carry the tune. That said, the pair’s penchant for loosely Balearic electronic sounds and New Order-esque guitar lines has remained intact, as “Brothers” is bathed in warm pads and features the same sort of airy synth melodies and eminently hummable hooks that once populated John Hughes soundtracks. Check the Mixed Emotions artwork and tracklist after the jump.

1) Brothers
2) All Of Me
3) Green Grass
4) Abby
5) Yes Way
6) Not The Same
7) Lost Somewhere
8) Real Life
9) Rain Delay
10) Cactus
11) Nonesuch