Here we have another selection from Brooklyn-by-way-of-Michigan producer Shigeto‘s recently released full-length album for Ghostly, Full Circle. Part fractured hip-hop, part free-form jazz, part ambient collage, and part Ableton tomfoolery, “Brown Eyed Girl” is as dense with ideas of electronic music’s future as it is lushly adorned with familiar vintage sonics. The super-compressed, shuffling rhythm at the center of Shigeto’s production is surrounded by twinkling chimes, airy synth melodies, and a bit of textural white noise for most of its runtime, never really veering far from the main compositional idea. Instead of constantly changing its trajectory, “Girl” flips its beats, samples, and melodic elements to and fro with an orchestrated nonchalance—the equivalent of a ramshackle jazz combo from another universe jammin’ just because.

Brown Eyed Girl