Back in January, Bruce Brubaker released Codex, an album that looked to set up a clash—or discussion—between Terry Riley’s Keyboard Study 2 (1965) and pieces from the Codex Faenza, a 15th-century manuscript that is one of the earliest collections of keyboard sheet music. The stunning release dropped via the almost faultless Infiné Music, and at the end of the month, it will return in the form of Codex Versions, which brings together four interpretations from Max Cooper, Arandel—who provides two versions—and Olga Bell.

In support of the release, Infiné has offered up Olga Bell’s interpretation as today’s XLR8R download. Bell, a trained pianist and free agent of the Brooklyn global village, takes elements and different extracts from Codex and twists them into her own sonic tapestry—a three-and-a-half minute dance through warm sub-bass, syncopated rhythms, and head-swirling loops.

You can pick up Olga Bell’s version below, with Codex Versions available for pre-order here.

Due to temporary issues regarding the GDPR, EU readers can download the track here.