During the course of “Bruce Willis,” the lead single pulled from 96wrld‘s forthcoming Private Language 12″, listeners are likely to have a few what-the-fuck-just-happened kind of moments—and this, it turns out, is a good thing. Though the Lithuanian producer’s tune clocks in at a mere three minutes, 96wrld manages to contort his production into a number of unexpected positions, fitting dusty, jazzy boom-bap, 808-driven skitters, and barrages of foreboding synth squelches into a head-spinning 180 seconds. For those who like their hip-hop-flecked electronics with a heavy dose of twisted weirdness, 96wrld is just the man for the job. Private Language will see a release via the Error Broadcast label sometime next month, featuring eight original tunes and a remix from Moscow wunderkind DZA.

Bruce Willis