Norwegian juke maestro Slick Shoota will soon release a massive nine-track EP via Hyperboloid. The record includes four original productions and five remixes from the likes of Clicks & Whistles, Samename, Fellepus, Ovrkl, and Deft. The tunes are best described as “peak” tracks, songs that would be best played for a packed warehouse at 2 a.m. on a Saturday or Sunday morning. While the individual elements used in these tunes may seem somewhat hackneyed, the rhythms and polished mixes help set this EP apart, not the least of which is Deft’s remix of “Bruk.” The Croydon tunesmith’s version is a slightly darker take on Slick Shoota’s original, one which effortlessly moves between half-time and double-time tempos and features reggae vocals clips, thick toms, sultry moans, and swelling synth melodies. Before the rest of Slick Shoota’s Draw EP drops on September 14, you can preview all of its tunes after the jump.

Bruk (Deft Remix)