Taking a look into the ever-expanding list of producers that are currently responsible for pushing the dramatic minimal house sound that has spread throughout dancefloors all across Europe in the last 10 years, you will most certainly find Bruno Pronsato‘s name at the top. While playing his first electronic gigs in the early 2000’s in the US and discovering Berlin in his 30’s may make Pronsato sound like a bit of a late bloomer, but his association to the scene through his records as Half-Hawaii with Sammy Dee on Perlon, and as NDF with Sergio Giorgini on DFA Records, were more than enough to cement him as a production legend all across the world. In addition to his multiple studio albums and innumerable releases on these iconic European labels, Bruno Pronsato has also performed in the supergroup, Narod Niki, alongside Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Akufen, Richie Hawtin, Daniel Bell and others.

Changing up his approach to production back in 2014, Pronsato made the decision to shake things up a bit and produce an album under the newly formed alias, Archangel. His debut album on the London-based record label Foom, titled The Bedroom Slant, saw the producer update the style he had developed over the last decade, and in the process, manifest his love of pop, rock and post-punk in his music for the very first time. The music made under the moniker Archangel came from the need to break up the everyday programs that he was starting to settle into stylistically as Pronsato, and was a way to put himself in an uncomfortable position where he could force himself to change, fighting against his own routines that he had spent years crafting as a leader of the scene.

Now, Pronsato is back as Archangel with a remix EP of his debut album on Foom, titled The Bedroom Slant Versionswhich features remixes by Dean Blunt, Oliver Coates, and Peter Gordon. With the first track on the EP “Blue Eyes Blind/This Romance” being gifted to XLR8R as our download for today, we are treated to an early, unreleased track from the original studio recordings that started back in 2012. A perfect blend of the percussive dancefloor Bruno Pronsato sound and his darkly melodic and lyrical Archangel side, the overlap between the projects at this early stage is captured in this recording. 

You can pre-order The Bedroom Slant Versionson vinyl ahead of its November 6 release date by visiting the Foom Bandcamp page here. You can download the first track off the remix EP by clicking on the media player below.

Blue Eyes Blind / This Romance