The second release to come out on Alessandro Stefanio’s Substrato label comes from the Italian producer himself, this time under his familiar Buck alias.

Just as with Substrato’s debut release, Limo’s Fluid Identity, Buck’s latestEP is a musical exploration of both atmospheric heights and geological solidity. A mix of intense tectonic beats and ambient winds, Subterranean Explorations showcases Buck’s skillful take on the natural living environments that we often take for granted.

The four-track release also includes a B-side remix of “On Board” by collaborative Dutch producers Robin Koek and Nick Lapien as Artefakt.

With its vintage vinyl crackle framing a progression of sounds,”Atmo 003″ feels like you’ve stumbled across some historical recording of a long-lost technological civilization, showing that Buck is as capable of producing sonic stories about imagined pasts as connecting us with the tactile reality of the present.

01. Ambient Progression
2. Atmo 003

Side 2
1. On Board
2. On Board (Artefakt remix)

You can pick up the full EP in 12″ and digital versions by visiting Juno or Clone, and you can download the track “Atom 003” by clicking on the WeTransfer button below.

Atmo 003