Okay, let us spell this out for you: The folks at Scion A/V came up with the idea of asking Detroit garage rock outfit The Dirtbombs to cover some classic Detroit techno cuts (read about that here), songs like “Sharevari,” “Good Life,” and Innerzone Orchestra’s “Bug In the Bassbin.” As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve now commissioned Detroit’s new hope for the dancefloor, Kyle Hall (pictured above), to remix that jangly cover joint into a churning dance tune. Like a game of telephone, what comes out on the other side of this somewhat complicated exchange is merely a shadow of Carl Craig’s original track. “Bug In the Bassbin (Kyle Hall Remix)” is a grooving mess of crunchy, distorted, and corroded sounds in the best way possible—the shuffling percussion jumps and skips from ear to ear, the bassline is distant and blown out, and all other noise seems to bubble up from the toxic concoction of Hall’s dirty samples of The Dirtbombs’ cover of Craig’s production. Basically, it’s pure Detroit.

Bug In The Bassbin (Kyle Hall Remix)