This smooth take on Warrior One‘s “Bullring Riddim” comes from an up-and-coming pair of New Zealand brothers operating as Chaos in the CBD (pictured above). Virtually absent of anything remotely resembling the original instrumental, the duo seems to have simply lifted the track’s original dancehall-flavored vocal contribution (courtesy of Serocee) and laid it on top of their own slow-brewing production. Sure, there’s not much to Chaos in the CBD’s instrumental, but that’s because it doesn’t need much. They get the chord progression just right at the onset, along with the infectious beat that gradually builds into a skittering, half-time stepper. Throw in a few tasty fills here, the occasional shaker pattern there, and some distant organ stabs throughout and you’ve got yourself a tasty slice of down-under beat work.

Bullring Riddim (Chaos In The CBD Remix)