Ahead of his upcoming debut LP, Skylight, 22-year-old Seattle producer Kid Smpl (a.k.a. Joey Butler) sent over its first leak as a preview of what to expect when the album drops on November 12 via Hush Hush. Much like Butler’s previous tunes, “But I Don’t” is quiet and meditative, with sparse claps and light hi-hat ticks firing off over the top of a subtle kick pattern. Perhaps the most striking element of the tune, however, is the heartbreaking vocal samples. Kid Smpl seems to know it, too, as he makes those sounds glow brightly from underneath sullen strings and a broad layer of bass frequencies. You can check out the details of Kid Smpl’s forthcoming album after the jump.

01. Distanced
02. Static
03. Guardian
04. Nearing
05. But I Don’t
06. Escape Pod
07. I Think It’s Gone
08. Star Ocean
09. Promise
10. It Changed
11. Cura
12. We Fled
13. Left There

But I Don’t