Veteran MC Roots Manuva is set to unleash his seventh album of dubby hip-hop gems next month via his decade-plus home, Big Dada, and we’ve got its opening track right here. “Butterfly Crab Walk (feat. Riddla)” ushers you into Duppy Writer with some strong irie vibes; low-slung bass plucks, a simple drum pattern, stabbing organ melodies, and Manuva’s trademark rasp—occasionally fed through a healthy bit of delay—all offer a good-natured and welcoming start to this long-awaited record. It’s easy to hear that producer Wrong Tom, who shares the artist credit with Manuva, is sticking to his, um, roots on the instrumentation for Duppy, which is ideal seeing as how most of the upcoming record is a series of re-works from Manuva’s back catalog.

Duppy Writer comes out September 21.

01 Butterfly Crab Walk (feat. Riddla)