Next month, Chloé Raunet (a.k.a. C.A.R.) will release PINNED, the anticipated follow-up to her debut album, My Friend, via Ransom Note Records.

The new album finds Raunet refining her palette with a collection of post-punk-influenced electronics. Across 11 tracks, Raunet glides through everything woozy downtempo to gritty drum-led punk outings, all with stitched together with an undeniable swagger.

In support of the LP, Raunet has offered up a bonus track recorded during the same studio sessions as the album, although its raucous energy didn’t quite fit, as Raunet explains:

“For fun, fun, fun. A proper winter stomp-around with the elephant in the closet. This track didn’t quite fit in with the rest of PINNED but we still wanted to get it out there.”

You can download “Eyes On You” below, with PINNED dropping next month.

Eyes On You

Credits for “Eyes On You”:
Written by Chloé Raunet & Rupert Cross
Mixed by Steve Osborne
Mastered by Konstantin Semionov
Artwork by Jesse Holborn