Located in the wilderness of remote Canadian island town Port Hardy, multi-instrumentalist and producer Caton Diab reflects the serenity of his natural surroundings under his C.Diab project with patient, hauntingly beautiful music. On his 2013 debut, Interludes, Diab presents listeners with 10 textured, slow-moving compositions that leave plenty of negative space for personal reflection. With a droning bowed guitar, evocative vocal samples, and comforting tape crackle, 2014’s Beacons spoke further to his unique vision and expert musicianship.

Diab’s newest endeavor, No Perfect Wave, delivers an evolution of the blissful ambiance that past releases have aspired to. “Memory As Mist,” the first cut off the forthcoming project, pairs intimate tranquility with refined mastering prowess, due in part to the engineering work of renowned vocalist and composer Ian William Craig.

The full LP is scheduled for an October 7 release on the recently established Injazero Records. Preorder the release from their shop here. Download via WeTransfer below.

Memory as Mist