Photo: Michael Brock

Cafe Lanai is a budding duo who hail from Vancouver and are set to release their first proper EP, out via the Hybridity imprint in June. Entitled Paradise, the record pairs subtly tropical textures with the more subdued strains of house and disco, as well as bits of dark-tinted R&B. “Lanai” is one example of what that sonic concoction can yield; a non-EP cut, “Lanai” begins by looping a series of dubbed chords which pulse above a simple kick pattern while interweaving layers of muffled falsetto vocals rise to forefront. Eventually, Cafe Lanai pull their production apart, introducing a buzzing bass synth and a slew of electronic blips as the track takes on a more floor-ready form. Cafe Lanai’s “Lanai” single can be downloaded below before the pair’s Paradise EP sees its official release on June 30.