Although San Francisco has a long-running love affair with dance music of all kinds, the city hasn’t been celebrated as a hotbed of producer talent in recent years. That said, there are plenty of quality artists kicking around in XLR8R‘s backyard, including Roche. He’s an artist that we don’t know a whole lot about, other than the fact that he’s affiliated with the Solos Records crew, keeps dropping well-crafted tunes in our inbox, and seems to have a real love for vintage synth sounds and classic house. “Calcine Vibration” is the latest Roche offering, a heady track with a subdued beat, swirling synths, and a subtly hypnotic sensibility that remains intact even as things get slightly more frantic in the song’s second half. This Saturday, Roche will be performing a rare live set at the first-annual O.K. BBQ in San Francisco, the flyer for which has been posted after the jump.

Calcine Vibration