Vermont’s a cold, cold place to live, so what else is there to do in the far Northeastern state besides hole up in your house and make beautiful electronic music? Producer and all-around wonderkid, Connor Kirby-Long, has done just that, crafting the first lengthy release under his Khonner guise since 2004’s Handwriting. The latter–which he made at the tender age of 17–garnered much fuss, rave reviews, and was described with words like “breathtaking” and “evocative.” The forthcoming Softbo EP, due out January 20, will probably reap similar reactions, it being seven tracks of meticulously arranged, melody-drenched electronic music. He’s not too shabby in the track titles department either.

01 Nibble-O
02 Pea Mag Gourmet
03 Kite Tits
04 Calico Dong Veil
05 An Ode to Gary Giggles
06 Infirmary 2
07 Huffin’ Hollow

Khonnor – Calico Dong Veil