On his remix of Moist Ghost‘s “Call Me Up,” New Jersey beatmaker Jaw Jam starts with a sputtering half-time bounce, which he drowns out with dubbed vocal washes and lethargic synths. Quickly though, the remix takes a turn—glowing chords float up from the bottom as tuned percussion begins to fill in the beat. Cycling back and forth between these two palettes, Jaw Jam cleverly finds a way to string it all together, making for an alluring—if uncoventional—take on “”Call Me Up,” the a-side to Moist Ghost’s split 7″ with former XLR8Rpodcast contributor The Range. Out June 30 via Lockah’s Tuff Wax label, the full “Call Me Up” b/w “Over You” record can be streamed after the jump.

Call Me Up (Jaw Jam Remix)