London-based Camila Fuchs are an experimental electronic duo made up of Camila de Laborde and Daniel Hermann-Collini (hailing from Mexico and Munich, respectively). The project blends elements of kraut and experimental techno with Laborde’s tender vocals in an engrossing sonic mix reminiscent of artists such as Oneohtrix Point Never and Bjork.

Originally starting as a laptop-based project, the duo soon found a love for analog modular pastures, a move that proved to be the catalyst for their debut album, Singing From Fixed Rung. Across the album’s tracks, Laborde and Hermann-Collini stride confidently from coarse ambient excursions to warped, beat-driven ballads. The album’s tense emotional content is a direct response to the fragility of the modern world, or more directly: “living in a post-Brexit Britain, the rise of Trump across the pond, and the persecution of citizens in de Laborde’s native Mexico.”

Singing From Fixed Rung is available now from Juno as a joint release on Schamoni Musik, The Lumen Lake, and SVS Records. To celebrate the release, Laborde and Hermann-Collini have offered up album cut “Manyfold” as today’s XLR8R download, which you can pick up via WeTransfer below, along with a full stream of the album.