Last month we tipped you to the imminent release of “Can’t Let Go” by Peach Melba, a duo comprised of Amy Douglas and John “Juan” MacLean. With the digital release out now, and a vinyl pressing due to hit shops July 26, the duo has offered up the “Dub of Dub” remix as an introduction. While “Can’t Let Go” in its original incarnation resurrects the deep sound of ’90s Detroit house (think Chez Damier), the “Dub of Dub” takes an entirely different approach by way of Basic Channel and some seriously cavernous dub-techno. Drenched in reverb, white noise, and echo, “Can’t Let Go (Dub of Dub)” rides a precisely quantized rhythm through an immense-but-solitary aquatic environment all while still retaining an early-morning dancefloor sensibility. Here’s one to play when the sun’s coming up but the party’s still going strong. (Via Pitchfork)

Can’t Let Go (Dub of Dub)