Tráfico Music’s next release—landing July 31—is a 12-track showcase aiming to showcase of all the artists associated with the label. We’re told to expect a “wealth of unusual, hard to define music that exists in the shadowy regions between various different genres.” 

Headed up by bosses Concret (a.k.a the Italian/Mexican duo of Diego Angelico Escobar and Q-Pha), Tráfico is a label known for synth-heavy and left-of-centre disco and techno grooves laced with the overtones of their local environment. Besides from the label heads, the label has featured music from the likes of Toy Tonics, Nein, Roam, Her Majestys Ship, and Wonder Stories. 

In support of the upcoming Tráfico Music VA Vol. 1, you can download Cantor’s “Ethermin,” a stripped back rumbling techno roller, via the WeTransfer button below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.