Just in time for an early start to the summer weather, we’ve received this refix of Aeroplane‘s “Caramella” by veteran producer Joakim (pictured above). Appearing not on the the digital release (out today) of Aeroplane’s We Can’t Fly – The Remixes album, but on a limited-edition, see-through vinyl that’s due out in the near future, “Caramella (Joakim Dub)” ascends like a wafting summer breeze on the tails of Chicago keys and a charmingly laid-back organ line, the entire affair buoyed by a housey progression of drums with just the right amount of swing. Clipped vocals and a distortion-heavy shaker punctuate the dub halfway through its beachside stroll, only to come back into the dunes with funky bass licks and that rising organ crescendo once more. The 12″ will house another Joakim remix of the same track, in addition to a Cassius remix of “We Can’t Fly.” As for the full We Can’t Fly – The Remixes package, you can peep the cover art and tracklist for both the digital and vinyl releases, after the jump.

1. Aeroplane – Caramellas (Joakim Remix)*
2. Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly (Cassius Remix)*
3. Aeroplane feat. Chromeo – She’s a Superstar
4. Aeroplane – Without Lies (Breakbot Remix)
5. Aeroplane – My Enemy (Rex The Dog Remix)
6. Aeroplane – Superstar (The Krays Remix)
7. Aeroplane – Without Lies (Black Van Remix)
8. Aeroplane – My Enemy (Green Velvet ‘Love My Enemy’ Remix)

12″ tracklist:
A. Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly (Cassius Remix) *
B1. Aeroplane – Caramellas (Joakim Remix) *
B2. Aeroplane – Caramellas (Joakim Dub) **

* Previously unreleased
** Exclusive to the (see-through) vinyl

Caramellas (Joakim Dub)