Carl Craig‘s Versus project has returned with a set of remix packages curated by Red Bull Studio Paris, InFiné, and Planet E.

Volume 1, which includes up and coming talents Antigone, Benedikt Frey, and Beatrice Dillon, dropped last month, following on the heels of a live Versus tour that included stops in Sonar, Detroit’s Movement, and S4W festival London in 2017. A new 12″ is set to arrive in April with reworks from Tom Trago and Henrik Schwarz, with Volume 2 set to be released on May 4, with remixes by Ishmael Ensemble, Abul Mogard, Siavash Amini, and Secret of Elements.

In support of the releases, Benedikt Frey has offered up his Outback remix, a haunting, slow-mo dub cut, as today’s XLR8R download (Frey reworked using the stems of the Versus 2017 version), available via WeTransfer below.

You can pick up the release here.

Domina (Benedikt Frey Outback Remix)