At this point, it feels like just about every permutation of UK funky has been tried at least once, but it appears that the London-based Shifting Peaks label may have stumbled across something new—UK funky mixed with cubaton (a variant of reggaeton that incorporates Cuban percussion). What at first sounds like a run-of-the-mill Latin party tune from Roly & The Rio Rhythm Band goes to new heights once remixer Hackman jumps in with his kinetic, shuffling snares and rolling bassline. Combined with a Caribbean piano melody, the song perfectly guides the UK bass world into more tropical territories. “Carnival da Casa (Hackman Remix)” can be found on Nasty Rips and Shifting Peaks Vol. 1, a compilation which came out earlier this week and also features appearances by Emvee, Brackles, FaltyDL, Sekta, and others. The artwork is posted above and the complete tracklist can be found after the jump.

1. Hackman – Always (Original Mix)
2. Emvee – Windrush
3. Roly and the Rio Rhythm Band – Carnival da Casa (Hackman Remix)
4. Sekta – Hakka Rhythm
5. Tessela – Acid Test
6. HideousMen – Tangled (Sekta Remix)
7. Sekta – I Need
8. Mr Huevo – Rejalate (Emvee Remix)
9. Graphiks – Blue Top
10. Tessela – Yes You Can
11. Sekta – Deep IN the Woods
12. Emvee – Strength
13. Hackman – Multicultural
14. Tessela – Yes You Can
15. Hackman – Always (FaltyDL Mix)
16. Graphiks – Brain Said to Me
17. Sekta – Liquid
18. Hackman – Always (Brackles Dub)

Carnival da Casa (Hackman Remix)