It’s been almost a year since we last saw an official release from Hackman, the UK producer who has appeared on a number of labels over the past few years including Ramp/PTN, Greco Roman, Well Rounded, and Futureboogie. Now, Hackman is set to emerge for the first time on the 2020Vision label with the upcoming Carry On EP. Here, we have a dub version of the record’s title track which peels back the original effort’s light vocals, revealing the deep, slightly melancholic production which sits at the base of “Carry On.” Led by a series of fluttering chords, Hackman’s dub puts the tune’s percussion front and center as low-reaching sub-bass slides below and ghostly melodic flourishes gradually fill the space above. Hackman’s “Carry On,” another original production, and a remix from Rampa are set to appear alongside this dub on the forthcoming Carry On EP, officially out via 2020Vision on November 24.

Carry On (Dub)