Crewdson is a fresh UK producer soon to be inducted into the Hall of Precious Electronic Sounds, particularly following the release of his debut LP, Gravity. Our first glimpse of that inaugural offering is the flitting found-sound collage of “Cascade,” a song which rushes quickly into your ears (much as its name implies), then swims and swirls around for six and a half minutes before trickling back out. Many comparisons could be made to fellow members of the Hall of Precious Electronic Sounds—names like Four Tet, Gold Panda, and Lali Puna spring to mind—, and they’d be apt; but if the flurry of miniature field recordings, the sounds of crunchy percussion, and the lilting melodies are any indication of the Crewdson’s Gravity album, we expect some refreshing and original ideas, too. Look for it on June 20.