We’re not entirely sure if many elements of “Cash and Carry Me Home,” the lead single from burgeoning UK wordsmith Ghostpoet‘s forthcoming full-length debut, actually made it into this remix by Londoner Alex Patchwork, but the quality of the deep bass production certainly speaks loudly enough in their place—not to mention that it’s one of the official remixes coming out on January 24 via Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label. Patchwork nabbed a few of Ghostpoet’s injured utterances from his touching hip-hop tune, and applied them to a swirling mix of gelatinous pads, crescendoing synth melodies à la Joy Orbison, skittering percussion, and plenty of sub-dedicated sounds. The vocals in “Cash and Carry Me Home (Alex Patchwork Remix)” aren’t necessarily integral to the pulse and trajectory of the song, but we’re happy to hear them nonetheless. Regardless, if we want to hear the original, we can always peep the video, which we premiered back in October.

Ghostpoet’s debut LP, Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, drops on February 7. The album artwork and tracklist are below.

1. OneTwos
2. Run Run Run
3. Us Against Whatever Ever
4. Finished I Ain’t
5. Longing For The Night
6. Yeah Pause
7. I Just Don’t Know
8. Survive It
9. Gaaasp
10. Cash and Carry Me Home
11. Garden Path
12. Liiines

Cash and Carry Me Home (Alex Patchwork Remix)