Multi-facted DJ/producer/writer Mr. Beatnick (pictured above) has a new EP dropping soon from the Don’t Be Afraid label, called Synthetes. Although it’s not among the original tracks on that record, we’ve got an excellent house rework by fresh Rush Hour signee BNJMN. The talented Brit dips “Casio Romance” into a warm bath of swirling ambiance and deep vibes, quickly lathering his remix with a fuzzy bassline or two and sending it on out the door with a healthy four-on-the-floor beat. It’s the kind of tune that could likely go on at least four times longer than it does before anyone bothered to notice, but listening for roughly five minutes does the trick, too. We certainly wouldn’t be surprised if someone dropped it this Friday at the EP launch party in London. (via FACT)

Casio Romance (BNJMN Remix)