Olly Stork (a.k.a. Cassini), who makes up one half of the duo 2ndSun, has released his sophomore effort via the interstellar imprint Tessier-Ashpool Records. Naming his latest EP Fermi, after the Italian nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi who is heralded as one of the fathers of the atomic bomb, is pertinent for the aesthetic direction of Tessier-Ashpool. The boutique label is enticed by subjects related to astronomy, mathematics, and science fiction, and this obsession shines true in their industrial, post-grime sound. The track “Threatless Ace,” which is being offered up as a exclusive download on XLR8R, is a sporadic club track that uses mechanical sounding percussion and a spread of opulent chords. The arid nature of the song is vigorous and fiercely digital, keeping with the extraterrestrial aesthetic that gives Tessier-Ashpool such considerable character. 

Cassini’s track “Threatless Ace” can be streamed and downloaded for free below, and to hear more from Cassini and Tessier-Ashpool Records, you can visit their Bandcamp by going here.