Likely by intention, the title “Cross Strut” lends itself to an almost perfect visual interpretation of the rhythms employed in this production from budding Australian artist Cassius Select. Built with sharp-edged samples and percussive hits that seem to stumble over each other, “Cross Strut” also exhibits a kind of uncanny swing that seems akin to one attempting to strut down the street with their legs crossed. It may take listeners a few beats to fully wrap their head around the track, but this only makes the tune that much more intriguing, especially when it is set to be paired with three other similarly lopsided club experiments on the forthcoming Crook EP, which is scheduled to land via our most recent XLR8R podcast contributor DJ Haus’ Unknown to the Unknown label on March 23. In the meantime, “Cross Strut” can be grabbed below, where a video for Cassius Select’s “He Ain’t Worth” production from the same upcoming record has also been included.

Cross Strut