Many producers, like, say, Groundislava or Jonwayne, draw inspiration from video game consoles, but Coppice Halifax (a.k.a. Brian Grainger, Milieu, or the Analog Botanist, among other monikers) has taken it to the next level. The South Carolina native composed an EP made entirely from the original sounds of a Sega Dreamcast game console, which renders the tracks on Cedar Mast quiet, bubbling, delicate, and fluid. “Cedar Mast II,” for example, builds on a pretty, acquatic melody and a minimal, shuffling rhythm, which makes for an overall soft and burbling track. The Cedar Mast EP will be unleashed as a limited-edition CD on Grainger’s own label, Milieu, but you can grab the digital release for free via Spontaneous Rhythm, here.

Cedar Mast II