The 264 Cru is a “diverse multicultural collective of DJs, Creatives, and vibes hounds” from Dubai. The crew aims to further Dubai’s cultural development and carve its own space within that scene with forward-thinking events and releases from the label arm, 264 Records. The label focuses on supporting regional and international artists that fit 264 Cru’s aim to “build community, and encourage others to raise the level of music culture and diversity within their own circles and beyond.”

Following on from the label’s inaugural release—Tunisian producer AELI‘s Late Future Calls LP—will be its first EP, CEE’s diversions 01.

CEE is the latest moniker for a multi-talented producer, sound designer, DJ, booking agent, and Red Bull Music Academy affiliate who you may know as one-half of Bass Sekolah, alongside Darren Ashley. CEE resides in the Dusun—a collaborative musical space and eco-resort in the Malaysian jungle that we profiled here—which is also where the EP was produced and recorded.

Like much of CEE’s latest work, diversions 01 is a wildly inventive and beautifully conceived collaborative effort, taking in styles such as footwork and jungle, and featuring a raft of artists including Singaporean Vandetta, Cuban-based Mike Polarny, New York City’s Solomon Dorsey, and Malaysian artist Fook.

In support of the release, which drops on August 18, XLR8R has been gifted opening cut “Pilunja,” which opens with searing vocals from Najwa Mahiaddin, sung in Asli style (an Arabian tonality) but in the local Malaysian language of “Bahsa.” You can download “Pilunja” feat Najwa Mahiaddin & reesh9000 via the WeTransfer button below.

Pilunja feat Najwa Mahiaddin & reesh9000