Storming quickly to the frontlines of UK future-whatchyamacallit is the four-man production team C.R.S.T. Having already released impressive EP’s on Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen, Well Round, and Car Crash Set, C.R.S.T. will release their latest EP, Good Love, on No Hats No Hoods with a digital release on November 29 and a vinyl release November 15. Featuring the EP’s title track, the record also boasts remixes from the likes of Daneeka, Mosca, and UK funky badman D-Malice. To pique your interest, we have a minimally circulated track that won’t be on the record although very well could be. A tense, 2-stepping track, “Cervantes Riddim” has the vocal heartache of deep house and the high-energy syncopation of UK garage.

Cervantis Riddim – C.R.S.T.