In a collaboration that crosses the Atlantic, Slovakian DJ/producer Mitewort has teamed up with Memphis-based label Voodoo Village to release his next offering. Before the release of the forthcoming Changes EP, however, Mitewort has opted to share the record’s namesake “Changes,” a futuristic track that heavily employs a vocal sample for percussive purposes. Similarly, the song’s vast drum kit, which includes a variety of colorful timbres, is ready to reward those who listen closely, as it makes subtle changes on a whim while occupying the whole stereo field. “Changes” also offers a bit of catchy synthwork and some sweeping pads that nicely complement Mitewort’s busy rhythms. The rest of the Changes EP—which features remixes from the likes of Floyd Campbel and Bad Mojo—can be previewed in full on Bandcamp.