Based out of La Puente, California, Chela Una pushes a singular sound that focuses on her stylized vocals. Her music comes from an array of influences ranging from heavy metal, techno, and freestyle to jazz, soul, and cumbia.

In 2002 she moved to Detroit to work for Mad Mike at Submerge Distribution, taking in influential sounds from the city that would impact her style today. In her time at Submerge, Chela Una collaborated with Gerald Mitchell to record Los Hermanos’ On Another Level album and soon after became the voice of the group as they launched their 2004 live band tour.

Chela Una’s latest, an album titled Serotonin Flux, is an amalgamation of the above influences, all held together with a punk soul. In support of the album—released via Pastel Voids on January 22—you can pick up the album’s wild title track via WeTransfer below.

Serotonin Flux