Cherushii (a.k.a. Chelsea Faith) is an musician, producer, and live performer based out of San Francisco. Cherushii has been working as a live PA and producer for 10 years, using her gear savvy and innate musicianship to create lush, retro-futurist productions. Her passion for music is evident in her music, which take cues from Detroit techno, Chicago house, and classic rave sounds. Just this past August, Cherushii released her album Memory Of Water on Los Angeles label, 100% Silk. The album was originally released on cassette format, and limited to only 100 physical copies that didn’t last very long. The album is now available digitally, and Cherushii has offered up a download of the ambient house track, “Everything Is In Color.” The arrangement begins with quick-moving chords that are splattered upon a milky-way foundation. The rhythm keeps you hypnotized for almost two and a half minutes before the deep tempo of the bassline rides a space comet into a muffled snare, before completing its transformation into a deep house chugger that feels complete and satisfying on the dancefloor, as well as the headphones.

Everything Is In Color