Cherushii (a.k.a. Chelsea Faith) is an musician, producer, and live performer based out of San Francisco. Cherushii has been working as a live PA and producer for 10 years, using her gear savvy and innate musicianship to create lush, retro-futurist productions. Her passion for music is evident in her music, which take cues from Detroit techno, Chicago house, and classic rave sounds. Over the past two years, Faith has become somewhat of a favorite for our downloads section, contributing a number of great tunes such as the ambient house track, “Everything Is In Color,” and her sexy, nine-minute, hardware driven groover “Wild Abandon.”

For her next download, Cherushii has offered up the track “Rudy’s Party” from her forthcoming Mamic EP. Utilizing her knack for crafting drum arrangements with a strong, old school house fortitude, the playful track bounces along in a futuristic Chicago fashion with catchy, high pitched synth lines and lackadaisical vocals that keep the track playful and funky.

You can download the track in full below via WeTransfer and be sure to check out more from Cherushii by going to her SoundCloud page here.

Rudy’s Party

Additional Tracks:

Download: Cherushii “Everything Is In Color”

Download: Cherushii “Wild Abandon”