Max Heath and Natalie Plaza are Child Actor, a Connecticut-based duo who make warped pop music. Although they have been on the scene producing and releasing music since 2012, it’s their latest album, A Perfect Cloud, that presents a sound unlike much else.

With Plaza’s voice at the forefront, the album follows the tragic and senseless death of Plaza’s younger brother—caused by the current political unrest in Venezuela—and that unbridled emotion is the backbone of each of the nine raw and touching tracks on A Perfect Cloud. Heath’s off-kilter production adds further depth to the release, his mechanical sound design a perfect compliment to the heartfelt lyrics and nature of the album.

A Perfect Cloud will be self-released on October 28 and in support of the release, Heath and Plaza have offered up the album’s dreaming opening cut “3 Worlds” as today’s XLR8R download. It’s the perfect introduction to the duo’s colourfully bent world and can be download via WeTransfer below.

3 Worlds