While London-based label Strut has been busy exploring classic house music in anticipation of its Cajual Records retrospective, Only 4 U, the record hub shares a classic track from Chicago house veteram Cajmere. Originally released in 1992, the sultry “Chit Chat (Clubhouse Remix)” features a one-sided conversation that would have likely taken place on a dark dancefloor in the Windy City. Twenty years later, the track remains relevant, not only because many present-day house producers continue to reference the kind of funky dance grooves that Cajmere built his label on decades ago, but also because you could undoubtedly overhear similar come-ons in just about any club’s dark corners these days. Look for the rest of the 23-track Only 4 U compilation when it arrives on October 30.

Chit Chat (Clubhouse Remix)