While synthesizer chords certainly have their place in this track from the Netherlands’ Subp Yao, the song’s most obvious characteristic is a booming rumble of a bass, which sounds heavy and throaty on computer speakers and just might test a club’s structural integrity while blasting out of an oversized soundsystem. Pitched-up and heavily processed vocal snippets are scattered throughout the piece, as are off-kilter percussion sounds that shuffle about in a frenzied manner. “Chjords” is taken from Subp Yao’s latest full-length, Smoke Up, Drink Up, which was released earlier this month through Saturate and can be downloaded in its entirety free of charge at Bandcamp. Subp Yao also released a remix album earlier this month, 1000 Remixes, which is available for free download here. The tracklisting and artwork for both of those releases can be found after the jump.

Smoke Up, Drink Up

1. 80Hate
2. Burn It Up
3. Git
4. Rockin This
5. Chjords
6. ill
7. Hamburger Chords
8. Fuck Around
9. Like A Goddamn Job
10. Smoke Up, Drink Up
11. Don’t Look At Me Now Gypsie Woman
12. Mad One
13. HeyHuyHay
14. Why

1000 Remixes

1. Birds (Filosofische Stilte Remix)
2. Birds (Microburst Remix)
3. Birds (Raadsel Remix)
4. Empty (Dense Folliage Remix)
5. Era (Bios Remix)
6. Era (DJ Pound Remix)
8. OG (Munis Remix)
9. OG (Manni Dee Remix)
10. OG (Luisterwaar Remix)
11. OG (Frietboer Remix)
12. Neverwant (oneone Remix)
13. Neverwant (Joney Remix)
14. Neverwant (Indrom Remix)